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Cute Discussion / All To Get Her
« on: June 04, 2017, 01:29:22 AM »

It's been released! If Cutey people want download codes, I can PM them.

Here's the release beta for All To Get Her, my new game (priced at $5) that I've been working on furiously since the start of May, as a relatively-straightforward break from my maybe-too-ambitious project Loverinth. Its gameplay is a successor to Base Attack Puzzle, except you can move further, are slightly less grid-bound, and there are two of you, so you can play solo and switch characters or play local co-op.

Also unlike BAPuz, it has a story and it is MUCH gayer.

You can access a level select from the pause menu (in the real game, this is unlocked after beating it), where you can jump to any point or do time trials.

Also accessible from the level select is the Dungeon Editor, where you can make single-screen levels or whole dungeons if you want. Basically all the objects I plan on having are in there already. Pressing 9 in the editor exports the current dungeon as a "locked dungeon" starting from the current level, and puts a string representation on your clipboard which can be imported by other players. I'll probably make all the main game levels myself, but if you guys want to make some levels, I could officially offer them as a Cutey Bonus Pack or something.

If you need it, dungeons (and the main save file) are saved in C:/Users/___/AppData/LocalLow/vgperson/All To Get Her.

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