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Current state of Java Game Development.

Executables (NEW to OLD):

Immediate Problems:
Image not drawn when y is negative.

Immediate Goals:
Animated image.
Composite object (multiple images / animated images)
Exits when escape key is pressed.


Aye, it's there now.


I am concerned that I am using the Entity Component System in a bad way. For example, with comparing "DEPTH" of objects I was using coordinate data and camera data, but, for exceptions, I made a new Component. For every exception, will I make a new component? Is this really bad for memory? Is this just bad? Is it not the right thing? MORAL COMPUNCTIONS.

you should just have some integer field "depth" for your entities which can be modified by entities whose depth changes and for others it is not manipulated after the constructor

But what if you move behind a rock... When you are in front of the rock, it is behind you, but when you go behind the rock, you are behind the rock. That, I guess, is the reason for using coordinate-based depth for non-exceptions...

So, your idea is pretty great.

I guess I could have some Depth calculation and whatever also in the Sprite Render System so I don't clog up my code with unnecessary new systems.


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