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Holey fuck, the game is out.

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:watermelon: its avaialble  :honeydew:

Hey congrats on release.  First big game you've put on the Steamer, right?

yeha but only because you said "big" because i released a steam game that is around 10 minutes long last year

Right I remember, it was in a bundle of shorter games.

Well I hope Clockwork Calamity does well for you both.  I've seen the progress updates on  It sounds cool.

game owns!!

here's my 14m 19s any% speedrun (spoilers)
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quite a lot of mistakes and i think there's probably better ways to gather the mushrooms than what I do.
Also kinda had tunnel vision with the cloudy mixture float/springshroom combo to get the jetpack and 15sm present box, feels like it works pretty well though


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