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Oh man and your tower video with this boss looks even better.

the tower is very cute i want to steal it for something. the main chara and the blue enemy are super cute too

thanks all

here's the version with the tower for people who dont want to find it on the channel

--- Quote from: hubol on October 27, 2021, 05:08:10 AM ---the tower is very cute i want to steal it for something.

--- End quote ---

feel free i stole it from level 12 of battletoads.

--- Quote from: SquareWheel on October 27, 2021, 01:18:31 AM ---I think the only thing that looked off is that there's no feedback when you hit the baddie.  Maybe a bit of screen shake or color the segment briefly?  Probably already in the plans because everything else looks so good.

--- End quote ---

ill keep this in mind  - there's definitely stuff in other parts of the game too that look a little jank but not totally sure what to do with them lol.

okay jk did not finish this over the weekend because this part has been way harder to do that i thought it would be lmao

but finishing.... soon

update - this game is still really close to being done but i got super busy with research again and so progress has stalled. but i will probably work on it again late january or something. RIP


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