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Anyone still have Jumper Two sectors?

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Hi there. I used to be semi-active on the helix forums twenty million years ago and it's kind of wild to see some old names I recognize, but I'm not really here to reconnect with old friends or anything. I'm not sure what name I used but I wasn't really notable enough that you'd remember me.

I got hit by a bit of a nostalgia wave for Jumper Two and wanted to see if I could find a few user-made sectors to play, but there isn't exactly a vibrant J2 community in 2022. Found this place though. Anyone have any?

Unfortunately we never really built a stable archive.  quakster had a ton but he's no longer active.

Actually it looks like we do have a zip hosted with the website.  Not sure what their quality is, but give this a try.

Nice, thanks.

Glad I found this forum, even if I'm probably not going to stick around to post. It's nice to see a little fragment of my childhood still alive in some fashion.

i think that sector archive is actually pretty extensive, it is the most complete one i know of :honeydew: and i doubt anyone from outside this community put together a bigger one without our knowledge....

and check here for the various editor versions


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