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Helix History

Pre-Forum Events (Explained by CodeJef)

--- Quote ---Helix Games was originally created by a board user named BoG.  He created a board called Hêlix Games, and a few people joined to help him create games (Just RPG Maker games);  YMM was one of them.  YMM and BoG were the main members of Hêlix (even though BoG never made a game, just the name Hêlix Games Inc and the board), and were also active members in the board NRD (Nintendo Resource and Debate).  YMM made some games and NRD moved to other boards, renaming itself to GRD (Gaming Resource and Debate).  Eventually YMM (and Helix, since a few other members were still part of it at the time) were hosted by GRD.  YMM most likely kicked everyone else out since he was the only productive member, and made his own site.  GRD changed to RDN (Resource and Debate Network) and eventually died.
--- End quote ---


17 October - Stickman Escape is released.
27 October - Super Stickman Escape is released.
24 December - The Encryption is released.


11 February - Jumper released; YMM's popularity greatly increases as as result of this.
11 May - Dim, a collaboration with Dex, is released.
20 July - Cosmic Games registers.

Jumper Community Forums (JCF)/Helix Games Community (HGC)/Helix Community (HC)/Helix Games Forum (HGF)


27 May - First JCF ( opens with Lord_Tomahawk (later renamed Sulsay) as the first member and administrator. Initial growth is slow.
28 May - The_Mordeus joins first JCF
30 May - YoMamasMama joins first JCF.
3 June - Dabomstew joins first JCF.
5 June - First real surge of members to JCF; eight registrations.
6-12 June - Registrations continue at a steady rate.
7 June - Trotim joins. Initial moderators chosen.
10 June - First demo of Jumper: Opposing Forces.
11 June - Nephiros joins first JCF.
18 June - Jumper Two released.
22 June - Chuchino, quakster, I suck at jumper, and Tayousei join first JCF.
July - Lord Tomahawk goes on holiday. TheMordeus made administrator.
9 July - Happyman joins.
11 July - Jumper Two Editor v1.0 released. yuriks joins.
12 July - Vgboy2002 joins.
19 July - SyNTaX joins.
20 July - Me7356 Joins.
27 July - Shanko joins.
August - Trotim made moderator. First real post count rivalries seen between Dabomstew, Trotim, I suck at jumper, and partially Lord_Tomahawk.
3 August - Coldphoenix joins.
17 August - Catkilller7 joins.
September - Lord_Tomahawk announces and releases 2nd JCF (, the first JCF to use IPB 2.0. The_1337ist = Rakka debate. Dabomstew and SyNTaX made global moderators.
4th Quarter 2004 - "LT is a girl" crisis; SyNTaX made administrator; SyNTaX vs. Dabomstew admin wars; TheMordeus disappears again.
8 October - Treasure Dive released to celebrate Mark Overmars' (creator of Game Maker) birthday.
14 October - Roman-the-evil joins and is recognized for his maturity.
8 December - HyPeR DraGoN joins.


January - Admin wars end as SyNTaX resigns from admin position. Approximately a week later Dabomstew is promoted to administrator.
3 January - Jumper Redux released by YMM, with online play. Multiplayer becomes popular for a while.
Late January - Early February - JCF2 goes down after bandwidth runs out, likely due to Jumper Redux traffic and the forum shoutbox.  Temporary JCF is set up by Dabomstew and Lord_Tomahawk, until JCF2 goes up again for a few days before finally being erased for good by the server.  Temporary JCF used until JCF3 set up.
16 February - JCF3 set up at
April - May - Rules changed to remove useless rules, which angered many.
1 April - Dabomstew creates stupid April Fool's joke. Admin CP link made which redirected to Google. All members names were blue for a day.
May - JCF3 redesigned into HGC in an attempt to attract more members. URL changes to SyNTaX returns as Poo (banned member)
15 May - Cookinater joins (Later named SquareWheel).
17 June - Badwolf joins.
11 July - Hold Off Red released. Online scoreboards are also made, which become popular for a while.
August - Dabomstew - becomes less active on HGC as he moves on to the development of Mono Country (a text RPG, which was opened 9th). Vgboy2002 made global moderator. (Confirmation needed)
11 September - YMM rewrites the Jumper Two Editor and releases version 4.00
18 November - The fabulous function rainbow(o){cycles=Math.floor(o.length/78)+1,colo=new array(3),colo[1]=255,colo[2]=0,colo[3]=0,hexa=new array(16);for(var e=0;10>e;e++)hexa[e]=e;hexa[10]="A",hexa[11]="B",hexa[12]="C",hexa[13]="D",hexa[14]="E",hexa[15]="F";var r=0,t=0,e=0,a=0,c=0,h=1530*cycles/o.length;for(h=Math.ceil(h),colorText="",t=1;t=e;e++)for(a=0;255>=a;a+=h){if(r++,colorText+=colorThis(colo,o.charAt(r-1)),o.length==r)return colorText;e/2==Math.floor(e/2)?(c=Math.floor(e/2),colo[c]=colo[c]-h):(c=Math.ceil(e/2)+1,c>3&&(c-=3),colo[c]=colo[c]+h)}}function array(o){this.length=o;for(var e=1;o>=e;e++)this[e]=0}function hex(o){return 0>o?"00":o>255?"ff":""+hexa[Math.floor(o/16)]+hexa[o%16]}function colorThis(o,e){var r;return r='',r+=e,r+=""}function fadeout(o){HTMLtext=rainbow(o.trim()),document.write(HTMLtext)}{fadeout("Cheeky Fellow");} joins.


25 February 2006 - Zekobah joins.
1st quarter 2006 - Tension develops between certain members. This can be classed as the darkest moments of the HGC, with the forum coming close to closure.
April - Me7356 rejoins again.
1 April - Another April Fool's joke by Dabomstew. Fake (but slightly more real than last year) Admin CP set up, and forums replaced with a large image of various comical situations. This causes, among other things, the return of much-respected Tayousei.
14 May - HGC moved to HC, with more, clearer rules and different moderators. Badwolf made administrator.
10 June - HC put on SMF instead of IPB 2.0. The forum despised this enough to get Dabomstew to change it back before the day ended.
27 June - Jumper: Opposing Forces released after two years and 17 days.
8 August - Trotim returns.
September 9th - Me7356 leaves, on account of being exhausted, getting a job, school, and instrumental learning.
7, 8 October - Trotim is suspected to have committed suicide.
8 October - retrogamer joins.
10 October - The forum is closed for the day in memory of him.
25 November - The member Deception joins the forum.
26 November - Gooders joins.
December - Me7356 rejoins.
1 December - Trotim returns, after having being in a coma, and fighting strongly for survival.
21 December - YMM finds and releases his first ever game, Paper Runner DX.
26 December - Hebi Aikouka/Catkilller7 resigns from global moderator position.


4 January - Poo (banned member) is made global moderator, and starts to "clean up" the forum.
8, 9 January - Badwolf is demoted and Sulsay resigns.  Dabomstew then demods Poo and reinstates Badwolf. The search for new administrators/moderators begins.
16 January - Trotim, Chuchino and vgboy2002 chosen as new global moderators.
27 January - YMM discusses his next game entitled "FLaiL".
17 February - YMM releases another demo of Untitled which includes the multiplayer mode called 'Heist Mode'.
28 April - YMM announces that Untitled will have a different name. An Untitled Story gets the most votes.
14 May - The HC survives one year. TheMordeus returns, releases a demo of a new game, and is currently working on J:OF v1.02
25 May - Hackers hack the forums removing all the skins and demoting Badwolf.
13 June - The same hackers hack the forums. End results are: The PM system is screwed; going to the main page (logging out) as a guest redirects you to a MySpace account; and all remaining admin and mods were de-modded/de-adminned. Post count problems also seem to arise around this time, although it is uncertain whether this is due to the hackers or not.
18 June - Dabomstew changes the forum software to SMF in response to the hack attacks.
2 July - snaz defiles the boards with his presence, and enters the forum with a huge void in his brain.
26 August - An Untitled Story is released.
2 September - YMM rebegins work on Jumper 3, with the subtitle "Infinite Castle". However, all the old stuff (except vials) has been scrapped.
14 December - YMM updates An Untitled Story. Some bugs and a fatal error were fixed.


19 January - Strictly Moderated Discussions forum created to try to manage spam.
17 February - LFF creates a temporary forum (, "just in case" anything happens to the forum.
18 February - Forum somehow hacked again (by "Knoah", apparently bearing a grudge against the HC).  Badwolf (LFF's brother) is largely accused.
19 February - Forum reopened. All boards except J:OF and "Helix Games are removed and their contents moved to a board called "Dump".
22 February - YMM opens the official Helix Games Forum on his website, using the PunBB forum software.
19 March - FLaiL is released.
18 July - Joe joins.
20 September - Pixel Castles v0.10 is released.  No updates have come since then.
20 August - Release of Jumper 3 v0.99, reception is mixed.
22 August - Release of Jumper 3 v1.0.


03 January - Frenchies222 (hubol) joins.
17 February - ducko joins.
19 February - Chuchino decides to start enforcing rules casually, warning that she will stop any blatant spam outside of the Fnuroom.  Later that day YMM promotes Yup to moderator, members don't seem to care.  YMM also releases his first flash game: Hold off Black.
22 February - YMM promotes Yup (YMMs current girlfriend) to administrator and snaz (YMMs friend) to moderator.  Within a matter of days, the duos administration styles ("nazi style") are heavily criticized.  YMM also demotes Chuchino to moderator.  Controversy ensues...
5 March - YMM starts redesigning his website and adds a blog.
8 March - YMM provides a major update to An Untitled Story, adding new areas (14 rooms, 5 hearts, and a 3rd Thoughness upgrade). He plans to do more upates.
13 March - The exciting conclusion to the Nazi vs Members debate ends with the Fnuroom being deleted, and many members moving back to
28 March - YMM updates An Untitled Story.
16 April - YMM releases The Grandma Engine, based on the Jumper 3 engine with room switching from An Untitled Story.
April - Tom Sennett (Coolmoose) has made a few blog posts suggesting progress on the new RunMan game, although no specifics have been given.  Both Coolmoose and YMM are perusing their new interest in Flash programming.  The "forum wars" between Matt Makes Games and the Helix Community have settled, with many members sticking with their preferred forum.  Many senseless bannings at Matt Makes Games have caused members to register to the Helix Community.
2 July - YMM releases his second flash game on Kongregate, MoneySeize.
16 July - Achievements have been added to MoneySeize on Kongregate.
17 July - YMM updates An Untitled Story again to v1.15.
18 July - YMM updates An Untitled Story again to v1.16.
23 July - YMM updates An Untitled Story again to v1.17.
31 July - The source code for An Untitled Story is officially released.
26 August - Arkatox is made a global moderator.  Hilarity ensued.
31 August - YMM releases a 48-hour game for Ludum Dare 15 called Broken Cave Robot, winning second place.
15 September - Matt Makes Games is restarted after a crash where YMM switches web hosts and upgrades the forum software.  The forum is fully functioning, but the posts were lost.
1 October - Runman: Race Around the World is released.  The game is covered by such sites as Destructoid, Rock Paper Shotgun, and JayIsGames.
4 December - hubol releases crazd, which was not in any way inspired by An Untitled Story.  It was later LP'd by raocow leading to increased popularity.
13 December - chuchino releases Cat Planet.  raocow also LPs it leading to cat planet becoming a smaller meme.


1 February - YMM completes Eaty Guys and the Operator.  This was a collaboration with five others for the Global Game Jam 2010.  A rougher build was posted on Twitter, which is still available on the GGJ site.
2 February (Approximately) - Matt closes his boards after some sort of mass falling out among a few of the forum members.  Visitors are greeted with an ominous sounding message regarding its closure until he decides what to do with it.  This is the definition of melodramatic.
10 February - Eaty Guys and the Operator is officially posted on YMM's blog, the complete version can be played here.
18 February - YMM reopens the MMGF.  General Discussion was wiped, and the boards were restructured.
11 April - YMM releases the Ogmo Editor, a general-purpose level editor made for indie devs.  It comes out of beta at version 0.90.
6 May - YMM releases Give Up, Robot.  This game was built using Flashpunk and the Ogmo Editor, and was published by Adult Swim.  The game is available on their website, while the blog post detailing it is here.


April - The Annual Postings Month is celebrated, there are nearly three times as many posts as the month before.
31 May - Tom Sennett releases Deepak Fights Robots as shareware for $10.
24 June - YMM and Tom Sennett open source Runman: Race Around the World.
6 July - YMM open sources the Ogmo Editor on GitHub.  Runman is released on Mac.
7 July - YMM and Chevy Ray release Fat Wizard on Adult Swim.
Some Time Thereafter: MMG Forum closed, members return to HC or create spinoffs (Georgedrome, Facebook groups).


11-15 April - HyPeR DraGoN returns for a few days after a 1.5 year leave.
22 April - Matt releases Ra Ra: Extreme Star Boxing for Ludum Dare 23.
May - Posting month extravaganza.
10 Nov - Cosmic Games makes a return.  For how long remains to be seen.

15 Feb - CK7 returns to say hello.
18 March - Badwolf left.  Watch for alt accounts in the future.
25 June - YMM releases Towerfall on Ouya.

15 February - vgperson (previously vgboy) comes out as transwoman.
11 March - YMM releases Towerfall on PC/PS4.
11 March - chu enables karma feature, can cute and uncute comments for a short period.  Soon only upcuting is allowed.
15 March - PK Tiger makes a short-lived return.
6 May - Hubol releases 2, the sequel to crazd.
7 May - Moved from to

11 January - Starting fresh on SMF2 at  Old forum archived indefinitely at

9 February - Trotim moves in with Gooders.

2 March - Gooders announces marriage.

5 September - Matt rebrands Matt Makes Games as Extremely OK Games In, Ltd., forming a team with an office in Vancouver.

5 April - Forum is migrated from StableHost to BuyShared.  Forum software is updated from 2.0.11 to 2.0.17.  Archive is moved to  Relevant post.

submitting formal complaint for not being included on this timeline

(yes, this is the real user known as AUS, no, no I was never an important member of this community)

edit: Though I don't seem to be able to sign into the archive

edit2: oh, I had registered as An Untitled Story.

edit3: well, still didn't let me log into the archive. xD

you need to log in using the username you registered with ("Kongmo", i think) instead of your display name

having a forum is a very collectively self indulgent thing to do

well originally it was just for sharing jumper levels but once we started calling it "the place to be" it was downhill from there


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